1. The Big Pancake

Author: Vera Southgate

Why your child will find this useful: Your little one can well relate to the scenario when they are hungry and they see mom preparing their favourite meal. What happens when seven little hungry boys wait for their pancakes and just as mom is about to serve it- it runs away! The perfect book for your child who has started to pronounce and spell small words. Some words might be difficult for your child- but it is definitely a good start.

2. Cat The Cat, Who Is That?

Author: Mo Williems

Why your child will find this useful: The key to getting kids to remember facts is the usage of repetition. That is the key to hold their focus and get them interested. Which is exactly what this book strives with the usage of Cat, the cat; Sheep, the sheep, etc. Animals + simple words+ this book sure spells a win for the kids.

3. Biscuit

Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Why your child will find this useful: This book wins our hearts with great illustrations and a simple story structure. All about the adventures of the little dog, named Biscuit, this book is something that kids can relate to and will understand by the use of simple words that make reading easy. There is an entire series of adventures of Biscuit- so once your child loves this little puppy, make sure to get them the whole collection!

4. Orange Pear, Apple Bear

Author: Emily Gravett

Why your child will find this useful: Okay, your child who has started to read words and complete pages will sail through this book. Suitable for kids below 5 years, toss books from this level to occasionally boost your child’s confidence when they get really serious about reading. Helps boost their confidence and also helps understand how 5 words can be juggled to make an entire book for kids!

5. I Want My Hat Back

Author: Jon Klassen

Why your child will find this useful: Ever caught in a scenario where you child’s favourite toy’s accessory goes missing and you are interrogated to no end by your little one? If you are nodding already, your child is going to love this book. The premise is simple. The bear’s hat goes missing and the bear is off to find out from all the other animals to get back his missing hat. With easy words and laced in a dialogue-style, this book is a must have for your little readers.

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